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Based upon fieldwork and research in closed company archives, Bottled tells the astonishing true story of how shrewd marketing and high politics enabled a global beverage brand to conquer a continent— albeit not on its own terms.


‘Brilliantly conceived, entertaining, and important, Bottled will unquestionably take its place as one of the most important social histories of Africa. With Byala’s storytelling gift and eye for narrative detail, this account is a masterclass in how to integrate individual stories from around the continent with broader socio-economic and political events.’ — Caroline Elkins, Professor of History and African and African American Studies, Harvard University

‘The tension between Africa’s interests and Coke’s is a fascinating social and philosophical narrative, and Sara Byala’s research and knowledge of the subject are impressive. There are not many books which give such extensive and highly entertaining first-hand examples from the field. An important contribution.’ — Mary Martin, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of International Relations, London School of Economics, and Director of the UN Business and Human Security Initiative, LSE IDEAS

‘Bottled examines the history of Coca Cola in Africa as a window onto the whirlwind of events across the continent over the past century. The detail on individual stories is outstanding.’ — Elisa Gambino, Lecturer in Global Development, University of Manchester

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